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A number of my associates are asking me to try to to a review comparison between Article Architect and Instant Article Wizard. I purchased both programs soon after they were released and I have been familiarising myself with the features and advantages they provide. I have found both Article Architect and Instant Article Wizard to be terribly smart but any product is solely worthwhile if there's a want for the user. When seeking out a piece of writing author and article researcher, I wanted a product that might assist me to jot down articles quicker and easier. I was looking for a product that might facilitate with keyword analysis, product or data research, one that assisted with keyword density and one that would enabled me to have additional than one project running at a time.

Article Architect and Instant Article Wizard are terribly similar. Two well-known programmers have created these product. Article Architect by Jay Jennings and Instant Article Wizard by Jonathan Leger who also created the $seven Secret script.

There's about a $twenty difference in value. Article Architect retails for $49-ninety five and Instant Article Wizard retails for $sixty seven. If you are considering turning into an affiliate, then you may find that Jonathan Leger’s Instant Article Wizard sale page does a far better job at selling than Jay Jennings Article Architect.

I am going to list the features and advantages of both programs here to grant you a fair comparison between the 2 products.

Instant Article Wizard provides full sentences that are scraped from pages based mostly on your keywords. Each sentence starts with your keyword. This is great for researching your topic and you'll be able to select an introduction, conclusion and varied sentences to make up extra paragraphs. This could be a analysis tool solely and each sentence wants to be re-written to prevent plagiarism. Article Architect provides product or info analysis by providing you with various websites that contain your keywords. Article Architect permits you to choose alternative various analysis resources like books, magazines, review, tips, tricks, music, audio, seminars and conferences. In truth there are 25 varied resources for you to choose from for your article research. I preferrer this as I am ready to delve deeper into my topic and offer my readers with a more in-depth article.

Article Architect writes in English. Instant Article Wizard has the flexibility to provide scraped sentences in half dozen completely different languages. Great if you'll browse in these languages but useless if you are like me and can solely scan and write in English.

Article Architect provides keywords from Overture and displays the amount of existing pages on Google. You'll click on every keyword and if it's a hot keyword, Article Architect highlights the term. Plus you can drill down on that particular keyword or term. You can additionally add your own keyword list. Instant Article Wizard will not have this feature.

Article Architect features a series of videos, that shows precisely how to use the program. Everything is included. Instant Article Wizard has solely one video and will not justify that the program is only a analysis tool and every sentence wants to be re-written and was a paragraph.

Below are some further options that Article Architect has that Instant Article Wizard will not have.

Article Architect has a engineered in headline generator that is awesome for creating hot uncontrollable headlines.

Article Architect has the ability to help with keyword density. It features a very little inexperienced bar that moves along as your article reaches varied density percent. Instant Article Wizard does not have this feature in the slightest degree.

Article Architect contains a word processor with spell check.

Article Architect allows you to make a massive variety of bio boxes for each project.

Article Architect submits your articles for you. It comes loaded with half dozen directories, that you'll be able to take away and add your own if you would like. Article Architect parades the submit page for each directory for you into a browser. There is a fast click and paste into each box for your user name, password, title, author, category, keywords, summary, article body and resource box. Article Architect will then submit your article and give you with the submission date information.

Article Architect can also email your article to any email address you select.

Article Architect allows you to watch each article by recording the date the article with written on, the date submitted and the amount of page views. You'll also keep a record of how abundant money each article has created.

Article Architect allows you to keep your articles organised therefore that you know the standing of each article as so much as in draft, submission date, income received etc.

Overall, for me, Article Architect is by far the more superior product. However where Article Architect scored low by me is on support. I emailed Jay Jennings with a question and did not receive a solution for many days. However, when he answered my question, had I undergone the videos once more, I most certainly would have found the solution myself.


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