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How would you like to auto-convert contextually relevant keywords and key phrases on your web pages to profit-generating affiliate links promoting Clickbank products for you 24x7?
Now you can maximize your website's real-estate by converting dead static text to 'living' profitable keywords!
Here's an example for you.
Let's say you have a website about self-improvement; www.my-self-improvement-website.com
On your website, you have an article about "mind programming". It reads:
"... One of the best self-improvement methods gaining ground today is mind programming".
CB Text Ads Generator is a breakthrough software solution that would convert the words "mind programming" to a hyperlink, as follows:
"... One of the best self-improvement methods gaining ground today ismind programming".
The link would be YOUR Clickbank affiliate link with YOUR Clickbank ID.
In fact, on mouse over, the keyword would display a relevant Clickbank product with its title and description!  Like this:

CB Text Ads Generator Features & Benefits!
Auto-convert contextually-relevant keywords in HTM, HTML, PHP, and ASP pages to Clickbank affiliate links with your Clickbank ID.
On mouse-over, the relevant Clickbank product title and description would be displayed.

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