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TreasureCoach Apps 2.0 Review – Can I Make Money With It?
Max and Angela created a system that teaches you how to make an app without needing any kind of technical skills (including programming) and show you how you can start earning with it fast.
Well… I thought, “For $14, it can’t be much… but… it doesn’t exactly break the bank either…”
So I went for it because I’ve always wanted to have an app on the App Store. I have taken a stab at programming iPhone apps with Objective-C by teaching myself from books, etc.
The problem with having to create iPhone apps by programming isn’t just the programming part. You also have to have a Mac computer with a dual core Intel processor and some other specific tech specs. I mean, I’d still like to learn how to do it that way because of the fact that you can make iOS games that way, but I wanted to start making some simple apps that I could put on the App Store fast.

What’s Inside TreasureCoach Apps 2.0?

Well… what easier way to cover that than to show it in my review video? Let’s take a look real quick:

So in short, the best part about TreasureCoach Apps 2.0 is that I really did learn how to make an app without programming, an Apple computer, or even a developer’s account.
I have to admit that this technique is pretty sweet! I guess the best way to explain it is like editing photos in PhotoShop or something… but… PhotoShop is even difficult to me.
You basically pick a template you want to start with (and they have dozens upon dozens), and then you customize it to your liking. Once you’ve finished it, you just use their developer’s account to upload it to the App Store.
The app gets approved super fast in the iStore (which normally is a very long and strict process) because you’re using their business developer’s account that has a very good reputation with Apple.
Another benefit of TreasureCoach Apps 2.0 is that it works for Android and Kindle apps as well. You just make one app, and you can then have it work on all the different platforms.

How Do You Make Money With Apps?

So there are several different ways they show you how you can start earning right away with the apps you’ve made with TreasureCoach Apps 2.0.
You can obviously charge for your app, but you can probably make more money with free apps (unless you are making specific apps for local businesses).
There are different mobile ad networks that make it super easy to include ads into your TreasureCoach Apps 2.0 apps. All you do is take your publisher ID (which is free to sign up for) and include it in your apps.
You can even make affiliate commissions by selling iTunes songs directly from within your apps. The same goes for Amazon products and anything else that has an affiliate program (Best Buy, New Egg, ClickBank, etc).
You can also make apps for local businesses (which they show you how to find them in TC Apps 2.0), and you can then charge them a few hundred bucks to create to app. You can then also charge for hosting the app and get paid monthly. If you make just 10 apps for 10 local businesses per month, you would soon end up making an insane amount of residual income from the recurring commissions. Your first month, you’d make $2400 or so, but your second month, you’d make $4800, and your third month, you’d make $8000, and so on (IF you only make 10 apps per month).

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