Pingback Optimizer v2.4 Latest WP Plugin Nulled + Bonus and Tutorials

Fully Automated Link Building WordPress Plugin Works For You 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week! Increases Effectiveness Of Your Backlink Building… Turbo Charging Your Rankings In The Top 3 Search Engines!

With Pingback Optimizer You Will...

  • Automate link building as a sytem so it works for you
  • Have a Wordpress plugin that works for you 24/7/365
  • Increase the effectiveness of your backlink building program
  • Cut costs on outsourcing (the plugin does all the work)
  • Save precious time you would normally spend building links
  • Turbo charge your rankings in the top 3 search engines
  • Increase the indexing rates of your backlinks

Along with this link getting plugin you will also receive…
Our Closely Guarded Never Released
Proprietary Methodologies Market
Dominating Article Marketing Blueprint
  • This breakthrough report will instantly show you a step by step, super simple to follow system.
  • Generate massive amounts of laser targeted links that Search Engines love with article marketing.
  • With your newfound knowledge you will be able to implement automated article marketing systems.
  • Have other people write your content and increase your websites exposure in the search engines.
"Non Sugar Coated Reality Check!!!!!"

So What Does This Mean?
I'm sure you have seen all the scammers out there boasting about their "overnight make money systems" where you don't need:
  • SEO
  • Websites
  • Traffic
  • Google
  • PPC
  • etc.
  • etc..
  • lies, lies, lies
I have seen them too and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of it!
Pingback Optimizer is for people who want or have real businesses with real results.
It is a "REAL PLUGIN" that does "REAL STUFF" and requires you to have:
  • A "REAL" Website
  • A Backlink Building Strategy
  • Content For Your LInk Building
Don't Worry Though - We Got You Covered!
We have included with Pinback Optimizer our very own and until now closely held proprietary methodologies... a nothing held back bonus blueprint that takes you "Step By Step" through our Search Engine dominating SEO strategies!
When put together with your brand new link getting plugin (Pingback Optimizer) you will now be able to:
  • Build as many links (pingbacks) to your site as you want
  • Leverage systems to greatly expand the exposure your content gets across the internet... building more links per piece of content than any other system
  • Exactly how to get content written for you - so you can spend your time building and planning growth for your business
*** DISCLAIMER: *** 

This Wordpress Plugin Will Not Allow You To
sip Pina Colada's on the French Riviera and
retire in 90 days...

This Wordpress Plugin And
Our "Article Marketing Blueprint"
Will Greatly Increase Your
Search Engine Rankings...

If You Are Doing Local Business Consulting And Marketing - Then Pingback Optimizer Is A Must Have Tool For Local Market Domination!

If You Are A Niche Marketer Or Going After Global Markets Then You Absolutely Need The Edge That Pingback Optimizer Provides To Your Promotional Efforts!

Pingback Optimizer Provides A Leverage Point In Your Business... One That Saves You Time, Cuts Costs And Ultimately Increases the Effectiveness Of All Your Online Marketing!

Check Out What Other's Are Saying!
I have been waiting for a plugin like Pingback Optimizer for a long time, because this plugin has made the articles and blogs that are linking to my site to be indexed in the serps, and I do heavy article marketing so my site is getting backlinks from blogs all of the world.
What is the point to promote your site, and get backlinks if the serps like Google don't see or find the sites that are linking to you, If you are doing any article marketing and if you are doing any link building, be smart about it,
Get Pingback Optimizer so your backlinks get the credit that your site needs,
I highly recommend the Pingback Optimizer becasue it gets the job done and the customer service is outstanding.
Thordur Mocan
Hey Matt, I just wanted to send in an email to thank you for creating such a wonderful plugin.
I've been using Unique Article Wizard and My Article Network on my site for around 8 months.
For 6 months I was on page 2 and I just couldn't hit page 1. I came across your plugin and thought I would give it a try with the single license. To my surprise I hit page 1 place #4 16 days after I "optimized" all my pingbacks! I now have the unlimited license and my sites are doing better than ever.
Nick Hudson
If you're running a Wordpress blog, and want to boost your backlinks, this is a must-have plug-in.
Once you've configured it, just let Pingback Optimizer loose, and it does the business for you.
Higher search engine rankings guaranteed.
I run it on all my blogs.
Jeff Molineux
If you are doing article marketing, the Pingback Optimizer is a must have. Not only does the program work, but Matt and his team provide great support. This program has really helped improve results for my online marketing business.
JScott Sosso
KGS Multimedia
For those who are fed up with all the BS check out this killer plugin, easily one of my best purchases of the last 12 months" TS @
What a shame...I've just come to the realization how much money I was throwing down the toilet BEFORE I got plugged into Pingback Optimizer. First, money I was spending for link building was being wasted as links were not even getting crawled let alone indexed by Google...I figured only about 5-10% of my links were getting indexed.
Second, I was also blowing money to remedy this via outsourcing on a monthly basis. That's all changed. Now it's getting done automatically and my link indexation is unbelievable...A BIG thanks Matt for this and your support.
Dan Fox Ocala, FL
While reading through my emails I came across Matt's program Pingback Optimizer. It immediately caught my eye. I emailed Matt more than a few times to ask his advice on the marketing of my friends website with articles and using Pingback Optimizer.
Matt's support and prompt replies (even before I had purchased his product)was excellent. I setup a meeting with my friend to discuss our plan of attack.
In the mean time I read through Matt's Article Blueprint which detailed Matt's step by step approach to how he used Articles to promote his business. I thought this small but detailed pdf was great. It was simply laid out and easy to understand.
I decided that this was the way to go and researched all the programs that Matt recommended. I had the meeting with my friend, (over three hours), discussed Matt's program and his recommendations along with a suite of others and it was good to go.
So we will be purchasing Pingback Optimizer to make sure our backlinks get indexed and 'give more energy' as Matt puts it to our backlinks. A simple WP plugin to do a difficult job. I would like to thank Matt very much for his patience, advice and answers to all my questions. If you want your backlinks 'Indexed' and 'Energized' then I recommend that you use Pingback Optimizer to do the job for you.
All the best
Nigel Baker

 Yes Matthew! I Want Pingback Optimizer Plugin To Boost My Website To The First Page of Search Engines Today With Superior Backlinking

Pingback Optimizer
Single-Site License

$47 Only (one-time)

One Domain
FreeLife-time Updates
Top Priority Support

Pingback Optimizer

(Most Popular)

Multi-site License
Unlmited Domains
Top Priority Support
Free Life-time Updates
Free Installation Service
  • Instant Download
    After Purchase
  • Compatible with
    Wordpress 3.0
  • Requires Self-Hosted Wordpress Sites
  • Widely Used on
    Niche Websites
  • Great for Large
    Business Sites
  • Works Extremely Well
    for Huge Autoblogs
"100% Iron-Clad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee"
What does it mean? It simply means, if for any reason you were not happy with the product within 60 days of your purchase, you are entitled to our 100% money back guarantee.
We are so confident that you will not need a refund, because Pingback Optimizer is a very high quality, most sought after, tested and proven product that you are going to see how powerful it can help you push your Wordpress sites into top search engine ranking.
Rest assured, for whatever reason, if you were not happy, refund is on your way. This is to give you a completely 100% RISK FREE Test Drive and you can buy safely knowing that you have 100% money back guarantee.

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