GET free 6000 REAL Website Traffics Every Day

Amazing Traffic Tool that will deliver over 6000 Real traffics daily to your links immediately you set it up.

Look at what you will gain:

  • This software will send minimum of 6000 visitors to your link every day For Life
  • The Visitors are REAL HUMAN from all over the world
  • They are 100% ADSENSE SAFE and suitable for any type of links
  • You will make money from the hits
  • You will set up this tool within 5 minutes and start getting visits immediately
  • You will stop paying somebody else to promote your site

Without wasting time, let me show you how to setup this traffic tool and start generating tons of unlimited traffic to your websites or links (Please, download the other manual that shows you how to make money with this tool)
ATTENTION! Some antivirus detects this software as thread (You may see some warnings). But, don't panic. The software does not contain any infection and is 100% safe (It is only that the program has unknown module to some antivirus, especially AVG). So, if you experience this case, you need to turn off your antivirus and run the program. It won’t harm you computer or… You can change the antivirus on your computer. However, I recommend you to keep your antivirus ON after running it because this software will be connected to the large traffic network on internet. This will block any virus that may want to enter through these networks.

Ok, let’s move on
First download the tools (check the delivery attachment). Please make sure you are using windows system otherwise, install program that will enable it run on Mac(You can Google “run window software on Mac”). Also, make sure that you are connected to the internet to make sure the program run well
Now extract the file into a folder. Open the folder and run the program as an administrator (The program will run automatically next time you start your system). Don’t worry about the tool being in Chinese language (I will show you everything in English below)
The Program will be connected to the large traffic network on internet. This program will generate random traffic, it’s not targeted traffic. But, it is real traffic. After that you can Watch you can track your traffic live on your analytic or tracker (such as Google analytic or
Now, start setting up the program

Depending on the capacity of your system CPU and your area, the number of links you can add to this program this case; it allows 4 URls from my location

How to make money with this tool and CPM

Please, download the traffic tool and set it up. The tool should be included in the delivery of this Gig. So, check and download it
You have downloaded and set up the traffic tool and your site has started receiving tons of traffic. Now, it is time to start making money with it.
1. Create a blog. You can create a free one at and it is very simply to do

2. Post about articles on that blog: Just go to and get free articles on any topic (just copy and paste on your blog). However, if you can write the articles yourself, then go ahead and do so.
3. Create CPM account. I use and recommend ;

4. Login in into your accounts and create banner ads.
5. Now, put CPM banner ads on your blog. I normally put two ads on my blog. Just make sure you positioned the ads very well on your blog (I prefer using 160x160 0n the side bar on 450 x60 on the header)
6. Now, run your traffic tool and add the URL of your blog to it and let it handle the traffic generation for you.

For 3 hours I’vegot over 950 visitors and 5.705 impressions and earn $0,11 (I put 2 standard banner on my blog). You can try your style… be creative…

And you can also find another CPM network to monetize, at this time I only use adbooth

Ok, that is just it. If I can make it then, you can definitely make it.
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