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What Does Domain Security Pro Do?
  • Domain Security Pro is a desktop application available for both PC and Mac that protects any Domain URL Directory, including WordPress admin directory, against malicious hackers, bruteforce spam attacks, and any ill willed person against your site or online business.
  • Domain Security Pro is easy to use for first-time users and offers many features for power users, including Bulk Processing Support, Import FTP Client SupportsHotLink Protection Settings, and more.
  • It sets htaccess authentication password protections to your WP-Admin page URLs, V-Bulletin admin URL, or any URL you wish, thereby making the page inaccessible to everyone but your IP alone with its IP Lock Down function.
  • Ability to change your wp-admin password with the click of one button.
  • Sets Hotlink protection to your websites, so people can not embed your images and video files from your site.
  • Ability to add any type of file extensions for Hotlink protection, with Redirect support.
  • Protection against common database attacks and SQL injections
  • Ability to do bulk processing. Example, with the click of 1 button, you can change all your wp-admin passwords to all of your blogs in seconds.
  • Import/Export feature lets you import FTP login information from FileZilla FTP Client, so you can get set up in seconds.
  • Our lifetime software licenses assure free updates and upgrades for life.
  • Clear and simple user interface easy to master for anyone or any task.
  • Industry class encryption, the latest security updates, secure data at all times.
  • Consistent critical and hotfix bug fixes, ensure features behave as intended.
  • Free, high quality email support, direct via software developers.
  • Support help desk is easily and freely available to our account holders.
  • Users can use a single license key on up to 4 personal computers.

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