GET Directory Submitter v4

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Useful Important info tips

1. Please Navigate the directory submission by using clicking the filter button in the software for faster and
   easier submission.

2. Please submit the "First Submit This List" from the filter button to google, yahoo and bing (msn) if you have    not yet submitted so far before using this software.

How to Submit a Site to Manual Submission Directories
There are some directories which needs you to go through some formalities which this software cannot help. You have to submit manually following their steps. This directories are sorted out under Manual submission sections in the filter button.

To submit manually,

1. Just browse through the categories and choose the one that best suits your site. Click the "Suggest URL" tab     at the top/BOTTOM right/left corner of the page and appropriate submission form will appear.

or in some directories,

2. Must email FIRST to submit your listing.


1. Always keep ready in a Notepad or Wordpad details of your website profile (example: url, site title, site    description, keywords, username etc... so that if the software misses one or two details, you can copy and    paste on the form.

2. Do not forget to submit your site to DMOZ.ORG under "Manual High Pr directory" filter button.

3. Always keep your site title, description, keywords short as most directories will not accept long    descriptions.

4. Open 10 directories at a time and then start submitting from the first opened directory.

5. Sometimes a directory may not load on time due to server problems and you may have to move on with another    directory.

Thank You.

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