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Stop whatever you are doing !!    Grab the nearmost calender and mark todays date. Because from today , from now on , from this exact second , your life is going to change forever . What I am about to unveil is so advanced and shocking that this will change Yahoo Answers Marketing forever!

If you are serious about making passive income online you are only a click away from getting your hands on the most exact , detailed and bleeding edge system you can ever find online or anywhere else in the world.

BUT ....... before that I want to tell you a short story ...so sit back , grab a cup of coffee and Read every single word here-on , carefully , as if your life depends on it ....

Lets take you back to the month of May , 2011 . On 29th May , It was a bright clear sunday morning as Dale Earnhardt Jr. zoomed past the white flag at the Coca Cola 500 and began the Final Lap of what would be his first tour win in over 110 races .

He was way ahead with a consistent lead and the crowd was ecstatically cheering for the most consistent and popular driver on tour.
The lead was 7 car lengths on the 1st turn and by turn 2 the lead had increased to 8 car lengths. Victory was only half a mile away.He had it perfectly wrapped up.

Then Dale Earnhardt Jr. did the unthinkable....

He ran out of fuel

With no gas left in his tank, he coasted to a disappointing 7th place finish.

While you may not be a professional driver, you have at least one thing in common with Junior: you need fuel to win.

As a webmaster and a web entrepreneur your fuel is "traffic".
Visitors to your own site or the one you are promoting as an affiliate ultimately gets the WIN for you .Ultimately these same visitors get you the orders and directly affect the size of your paycheck.
Inshort without traffic
you don't cross the finish line
You don't collect the winner's check
You don't get the result you're working hard to achieve
You dont reach your goals and your dreams remain dreams

You fall back in the pack while those with full tanks pass you by and take what could have been yours.
Maybe you are like any driver who comes up short due to lack of fuel - disappointed because you know it could be better.
All in all ,

If you want to make money online, you need traffic. And if you want to
make a lot of money, then you need a lot of traffic.

This is true no matter what business model you’re using.
It doesn’t matter if you're selling your own product on your own site
It doesn't matter if you're promoting someone else's product as an affiliate
If doesn't matter if you're trying to get people to click on Adsense ads
It doesn't matter if you're blogging, flipping sites, coaching or anything else.It doesn't matter if you're promoting
   business offers or non-business offers, low-cost offers or high-ticket offers, the point is:

You won’t make a dime unless you
get eyeballs in front of your offers.

But not just any kind of traffic will do the trick for you .

You need laser targetted , niche specific , knowledge hungry visitors.
People who are seeking instant solutions to their problems.
Who are armed with credit cards and won't think twice before buying .

The question is:

How do you get this traffic?

The answer is simple . Using Yahoo Answers.

But how large is it ? You may be asking yourself...
Well according to Yahoo Answers staff , ALEXA and compete.com , the portal had about a user base of 350 million people worldwide and nearly 25 million visitors monthly in January 2011.We are half way through 2012 and traffic is still increasing exponentially even with the Google Panda/Penguin updates . Recently it crossed a milestone of 300 Million Questions . Which means on average, 2 questions are being asked and 6 answered per second. So this means there's an astonishing 7,000 questions and an incredible 21,000 answers per hour. That's a total of 28,000 questions and answers being posted every hour.

Imagine the power of tapping into these 25 million hungry buyers everyday ...however the question is ...


By following this 3 step formula ,

Find a market need
Find similar questions on yahoo answers
Post you Answer addressing that specific need with a solution and link back to your site/blog/affiliate offer/Optin-Page .

Me and countless others like you have made money using this simple yet effective formula to make money online . To those who are lucky enough , I am releasing my personal strategies and blueprints for limited time only.This 65 pages guide will take you from a newbie who knows nothing about making money with Yahoo Answers to an affiliate ninja who will make a consistent income on autopilot . The best part ..there is no investment involved.

Table of contents
7 myths about Yahoo Answers !
10 Rock solid reasons as to "why Yahoo Answers is still the best traffic
source of 2012 ?"
Points and levels systems.
The Manual Process.

-Creating your first bullet proof account.
-Finding relevant questions.
-3 methods to put question finding on autopilot.
-Manual answering and how to avoid being ghosted.
-Examples of some tested, profitable Answers .
The heart of the method – How to get best answers almost everytime !?
Important Guidelines.

-Simple linking guidelines.
-Simple voting guidelines.
-How to avoid getting banned.
Creating a Yahoo swipe file.
Becoming a 'Top Contributor'.
Smart methods to reach Yahoo Level 2 in under 3 days.
Unethical way to hammer down and replace old authority questions in
Google search.
A few personal money making methods revealed.
Manual answering is not worth your time.


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