Default AddMeFast Facebook liker bot (20,000 points in 2h )

This is sort of a continuation on my other AddMeFast bot thread (except that one was for Youtube likes, and you can only get about 5,000 points from that one). Upon the recommendation of a few experienced AMF users, i decided to make an AMF Facebook liker bot. The great thing about these bots is that they are entirely WebRequest based (meaning no browser required) *and* they don't require Facebook/YouTube accounts in order to gain points, meaning that part of it is bypassed.

From my test run i got about 10,000 points in 45 minutes or so.

I didn't want to add this bot to the other thread because it'd probably get missed, and this one works even better than the previous one! (Although using both should net you about 15,000 points (Over 50$ value).


- Extract both files to the same directory

- Edit cfg.ini file and put in your email / password combo

- Traytip = 0/1 refers to whether you want the traytip to display how many points your account has after every cycle

Just start it up and chill while it gathers credits (in the background, without any shitty messy web-browser crap bothering you)

Link =

Extra Notes

You must have a registered account that has agreed to the ToS.

I also reccomend you don't simultaneously browse your AddMeFast account (due to session conflicts, might make the bot stop working)

*If you happen to get an error, it's probably due to one of the following

- You didn't input your account credentials correctly, double check

- You have a new account and didn't accept the ToS message for the site

- You ran out of facebook pages to like.

- You logged into your AddMeFast account after starting the bot (Let the bot finish, then you may login)

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